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Custom Parts On Demand

3Diligent ProdEX is a manufacturing service that allows you to access the capabilities, technologies, and materials of thousands of manufacturers.

Why ProdEX

Your One-Stop Shop for Seamless Digital Manufacturing Services

ProdEX is your sourcing solution for Industry 4.0. From our beginning, we have provided a digital manufacturing service offering the world's most cutting-edge rapid manufacturing technologies—on demand. In our secure portal, you can submit an RFQ and we will bid to complete your project leveraging our proprietary software and extensive network of qualified manufacturers. With a range of digital manufacturing solutions including 3D printing, CNC machining, casting, and injection molding and facilities around the globe, 3Diligent ProdEX can support you from onesie-twosies prototypes and replacement parts through bridge production all the way to mass production runs.


Our Advantage

The evolution from prototyping to production is different for every project, calling for different machines, materials, and investments every step of the way.  No provider can offer everything you could need under a single roof, especially in the rapidly evolving space of digital manufacturing—and when companies try, it makes even the most basic jobs exorbitantly expensive.

That's where 3Diligent has been designed to be different.  Using the power of cloud computing, 3Diligent leverages a global network of qualified manufacturers to complete custom manufacturing projects on demand.

3D Printing, CNC Machining, Casting, Injection Molding, and MORE!

Get the product you expect in the material you need. Whatever your project requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Premium Services at Great Prices

3Diligent is dedicated to providing a tremendous value for premium service. It is free to submit your RFQs. We will present you with an all-in price to complete your project or program. While we emphasize the highest levels of quality and service, our customers also commonly report significant savings versus their incumbent suppliers.


Submit an RFQ

3Diligent is committed to qualifying and networking the best, most innovative contract manufacturers, machine shops, and service bureaus and providing you with access to their digital-manufacturing solutions seamlessly through our secure web portal.  

It's easy to submit an RFQ for your project—small or large—so we can bid for the work, utilizing our proprietary software and the power of our qualified fabrication network to provide you the highest value solution. 

Since every project calls for different requirements, we'll dynamically utilize the right production center for the job, ensuring you get the optimal material, machine, finish, confidentiality requirements, or inspection and quality certification to meet your needs.  We stand by every part with superior project management and quality assurance.   


ProdEx API for Contract Manufacturers

Integrate 3Diligent processes across your organization with help from our technical consulting support.