How ProdEX Works


3Diligent ProdEX for Customers

How ProdEX Works to Support Designers, R&D, Procurement, and Inventors Across Industries

Developed with the different stages of product development in mind, ProdEX offers three RFQ types to adapt to the many stages of your project. Log into our secure portal and choose one of the three options that best sets you off and running…

Need quick part-creation from a global network of options, or a fast quote to scope a project? ProdEX AUTO is your tool. The product's developed, but you need management outsourced from the experts? ProdEX PM is for you. Got existing suppliers, or seeking a new partner to work closely with on product development? Check out CONNECT. 

Allow us to tell you a bit more about each…

Project Lifecycle

How the platform works for customers


ProdEX AUTO is an automated quoting engine. Gain access to hundreds of materials and technologies, and customize how you want to explore them. Our material and tech search tools generate countless combinations of offerings with a simple SUBMIT. If we have enough depth in our supply network and enough pricing data, we’ll generate an automated quote for you, on the spot. This quote is fully actionable: turns out exactly what you needed? Place the order easily right there!

AUTO brings our entire network of global suppliers into an on-demand interface. Additionally, every order is defined through a “best effort” approach, and not bound by tolerance or surface finish. If, however, your order needs additional specs met, please check out our other options; but if you’re looking for quick quotes and fulfillment, there’s not a better option on the market.

ProdEX AUTO Customer Flow Chart, 3Diligent, ProdEX, How ProdEX Works



ProdEX PM is your turnkey solution to outsourcing project management from our expert team. You get tremendous control on project requirements including geographic and quality certification specifications and the ability to upload PDF drawings, pictures, and other supplier requirements.

The most comprehensive solutions offered through3Diligent's ProdEX, PM RFQs bring materials and technologies from across the ProdEX network, including brand new ones that aren’t broadly commercialized. PM also manages optimal fulfillment from around the planet to meet your different requirements, especially if you’re looking to get the elastic supply from the same outputs from around the planet for on-demand manufacturing.

ProdEX PM Customer Flow Chart, 3Diligent, ProdEX, How ProdEX Works



ProdEX CONNECT helps you run the show with the procurement and connectivity tools of a major enterprise.

When making this RFQ type, establish supplier requirements like restrictions on supplier size, eligible regions, quality certifications, and requested paperwork (e.g., material certifications, certificates of conformance). Then upload CAD files, related 2D drawings, and detailed project requirements like material, technology, and finish requirements.

Advancing to the supplier selection page, CONNECT releases the project to suppliers you’ve already had added to your customer profile, or invites new ones to quote the program, you decide. Request introductions to matching suppliers in our global ProdEX manufacturing network to align to the specific requirements you’ve defined.

Upon RFQ submission, interested suppliers will begin engaging you in the portal using integrated Zoom videoconferencing tools. The ProdEX CONNECT interface allows you to store message histories throughout the process and manage multiple suppliers in a seamless and hyper-efficient way.

ProdEX CONNECT Customer Flow Chart, 3Diligent, ProdEX, How ProdEX Works


Is There a Cost?

There is no cost to sign up for 3Diligent.  Submitting RFQs is free as well.  A deposit is taken on ProdEX PM RFQs for each unique design file to partially cover the cost of an engineering review, but if you accept the quote, the deposit is applied to the cost. The price for fabrication and delivery of a project are clearly communicated in each bid, including any taxes or shipping fees.


Get Started

Sign up and see how much 3Diligent can accelerate your business with superior rapid manufacturing, email us to share more about your project or lingering questions, or simply call. We look forward to connecting with you.


The Shopsight Advantage

Benefiting each of the ProdEX options is their close integration with Shopsight software.  Shopsight is the manufacturing execution software designed and developed by 3Diligent based on more than 6 years of working closely with service bureaus, job shops, and machine shops to fulfill ProdEX production requests.  Within Shopsight are tools designed to support manufacturers with effective project assessment, estimation, job routing, quality assurance, and audit trails.  So whenever a customer purchases a part or product through ProdEX, they know that the manufacturer on the other side has a comprehensive quality management system at their disposal to ensure a great output, every time.