Medical 3D Printing Service

Medical 3D Printing Service for Fabrication of Implants, Instruments, Models, and Guides

3D printing—or additive manufacturing as it is also commonly known—is a technology perfectly tailored for the medical market. Uniquely capable of fabricating organic geometries, 3D printing can achieve part designs that provide better patient outcomes through their functional superiority to conventionally fabricated parts.

Examples of medical 3D printing range from silicone and plastic surgical models to biocompatible resin-cutting guides to metal medical instruments and implants with customized geometries to enhance the surgical process or the recovery. Considering operating room time is estimated to cost $62 per minute, 3D printing parts that assist in a more confident, efficient surgery makes their use a tremendous opportunity for innovative practitioners.

Our material options for medical 3D printing applications include a range of silicone, plastics, resins, metals, and more.

Best of all, we are capable of being your partner for prototypes or production, across different manufacturing processes. In addition to 3D printing, we also offer extensive CNC machining, casting, and injection-molding capabilities. These technologies can be especially relevant as it relates to bridge production and mass production of parts, providing significant economies of scale so long as the part geometry is suited to those fabrication methods.

A number of 3Diligent's production centers carry ISO13845 quality certifications, so if this is a critical consideration of your program, make note of that in the Additional Assurances section of your RFQ.

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