Directed Energy Deposition Service

Directed Energy Deposition (DED) 3D Printing

DED Services for Your Rapid Manufacturing Requirements

3Diligent ProdEX’s directed energy deposition service is capable of delivering 3D Printing repairs on parts or ground-up fabrication—especially for parts larger than one cubic foot. If you think DED printing might be optimal for your project, submit an RFQ in our secure portal or email us to discuss your project needs.

Directed energy deposition process
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Directed Energy Deposition Service at a Glance

  • Stock Surface Finish
    1000 µin Ra
  • Lead Time
    10 – 20 Business Days
  • Maximum Size
    60" × 60" × 84" (1500mm × 1500mm × 2100mm)
  • Minimum Feature Size
    0.01" (0.25mm)
  • Minimum Wall Thickness
    0.03" (.750mm)

3Diligent has supported hundreds of companies in providing digital-manufacturing solutions for their most challenging project needs.

If you're interested in experiencing the power of our digital-manufacturing solutions firsthand, submit an RFQ through our secure portal or send an email detailing a few of the specifics of your project and we'll be in touch.

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Strong, End-Use Parts. State-of-the-art technology prints durable metal parts.
Metal Repair. Directed Energy Deposition printers can print metal onto existing parts in need of repair.
Build Volume. Some DED printers can build parts several feet in each direction.
Intricate Geometry. 5-axis DED models can produce complicated geometries without support.
Surface Finish. Surface finish exceeding 1000 µin Ra requires post-processing to achieve the required smoothness for many applications.
Relaxed Tolerance. Directed Energy Deposition machines can typically achieve a finest tolerance of 0.01” (0.25 mm), making small features difficult.
Example Materials
Cobalt-Chromium Alloys (Stellite 6, Stellite 21)
Maraging Steel (MS1)
Nickel-Chromium Alloys (Haynes 188, Haynes 230)
Nickel Alloys (HX, IN625, IN718)
Titanium Alloys (Ti64)

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