Sand Casting Service

Sand Casting Service

The Best Sand Casting Service for Your Rapid Manufacturing Requirements

3Diligent ProdEX’s sand casting service offers efficient and cost-effective options for filling you request. Our broad range of materials will also make it easy for you to get your project started with the quality and functional properties needed for virtually any use. Best suited for batches of small-to-medium volumes of parts and more, we have you covered.

3Diligent technologies: sand casting
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Sand Casting Services at a Glance

Processes Also Known As
  • Standard Tolerance
    +/- 7%
  • Stock Surface Finish
    ~1.6 µm Ra
  • Maximum Size
    400mm x 400mm x 400mm
  • Minimum Feature Size

3Diligent has supported hundreds of companies in providing digital-manufacturing solutions for their most challenging project needs.

If you're interested in experiencing the power of our digital-manufacturing solutions firsthand, submit an RFQ through our secure portal or send an email detailing a few of the specifics of your project and we'll be in touch.

Breadth of Materials. Sand casting services are capable of producing parts with nearly any ferrous or non-ferrous alloy.
Relatively Affordable. For a casting method, this technology features relatively low tooling costs, making smaller batch runs possible.
Thin Walls Available. Designs can get tiny and still achieve great results.
Low Strength Parts. Porosity in these cast parts can lower their strength and durability compared to some machining methods.
Rough Surface Finish. Heat shrinking and rough finishing from the sand can render low accuracy in final parts.

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