Urethane Casting Service

Urethane Casting Service

Casting Solutions for Your Rapid Manufacturing Requirements

3Diligent ProdEX’s urethane casting service is the best option to meet your project needs. Create your molds with 3D Printing technologies or an existing master pattern. We also have you covered for materials specific to this casting process. To learn more about our entire technology suite, click here.

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Urethane Casting Services at a Glance

Processes Also Known As
  • Standard Tolerance
    +/- 3%
  • Maximum Size
    300mm x 300mm x 300mm
  • Minimum Feature Size
  • Lead Time
    3-7 Weeks
  • Minimum Wall Thickness

3Diligent has supported hundreds of companies in providing digital-manufacturing solutions for their most challenging project needs.

If you're interested in experiencing the power of our digital-manufacturing solutions firsthand, submit an RFQ through our secure portal or send an email detailing a few of the specifics of your project and we'll be in touch.

Breadth of Colors and Finishes. Efficient production and quality with a variety of colors for each type of material.
Relatively Affordable. Especially for prototype production.
Unmatched Durability. Urethane wears down extremely slowly, if at all, compared to other materials for the same applicable uses.
Fast Casting. Compared to other foundry methods, urethane casting is a time efficient process.
Machine Maintenance. Needed with frequency to avoid color flaws.
Prototype/Initial Part Needed. Batch castings require an initial part to be created in order to make molds.

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