Thermoforming Service

Thermoforming Service

Forming Solutions for Your Rapid Manufacturing Requirements

3Diligent ProdEX’s thermoforming service is the best option to meet your forming needs. We also have you covered for materials specific to this manufacturing process. To learn more about our entire technology suite, click here.

3Diligent process diagram: Forming, thermoforming
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Thermoforming Service at a Glance

Material Also Known As
  • Standard Tolerance
    +/- 3%
  • Stock Surface Finish
    ~400 µin Ra
  • Lead Time
    3-10 Business Days
  • Maximum Size
  • Minimum Layer Thickness
    0.004" (0.100mm)
  • Minimum Feature Size
    0.02" (0.50mm)
  • Minimum Wall Thickness
    0.04" (1mm)
3Diligent example equipment: thermoforming

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