Inspection Service

Inspection Service Capabilities for Post Processing

3D Printing for Your Rapid Manufacturing Requirements

3Diligent’s rapid-manufacturing technologies are backed by an extensive post-process inspection service. Surface finishing and inspection, sometimes referred to as post-processing, describes a family of activities generally developed to optimize surface roughness/smoothness and ensure conformance with design specifications.

Inspection is critical for appraising materials, items, or systems involving examination, testing, and gauging. Inspectors take measurements and make comparisons. Inspections are formal evaluations or organized examination exercises.

3Diligent processes: surface inspection
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Inspection Services at a Glance

  • Standard Tolerance
    +/- 3%
  • Stock Surface Finish
    ~400 µin Ra
  • Lead Time
    3-10 Business Days
  • Maximum Size
  • Minimum Layer Thickness
    0.004" (0.100mm)
  • Minimum Feature Size
    0.02" (0.50mm)
  • Minimum Wall Thickness
    0.04" (1mm)
Laser scanning inspection service for ProdEX


Imperfections in manufactured components can be viewed using a three-dimensional laser scanning device. 


Inspection Service CMM Machin for ProdEX


Imperfections in manufactured components can be mapped in 3D space by a device that makes contact with the part.

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Full-Color Prints. CJP jetting machines can print in the full-color spectrum.
Relatively Affordable. A cost-effective technology for gypsum or metal prints.
Material Conservation. Powder can be reused for later prints.
Multiple Steps. Jetting and post-processing can extend the time needed to create the design.
Simple Geometry. A challenging post-process makes small features and complex designs more difficult to achieve than with other powder bed processes.
Low Durability in Green State. Without a post-processing step, parts are highly anisotropic and typically fragile in the Z direction. Solutions include dipping it in acrylate for gypsum parts or fully sintering for metal parts.

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