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Punching Services from ProdEX

Punching Services for Your Rapid Manufacturing Requirements

3Diligent ProdEX’s punching service is the best option to meet your project needs. We also have you covered for materials specific to this CNC process, like metals, plastics, and more. To learn about the rest of our entire technology suite, click here.

3Diligent illustrated processes: punching
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Punching Services at a Glance

  • Standard Tolerance
  • Maximum Size
  • Minimum Wall Thickness

3Diligent has supported hundreds of companies in providing digital-manufacturing solutions for their most challenging project needs.

If you're interested in experiencing the power of our digital-manufacturing solutions firsthand, submit an RFQ through our secure portal or send an email detailing a few of the specifics of your project and we'll be in touch.

High-speed component creation. CNC Punching machines can hit thousands of punches per minute, even for metal components.
Punch-head Flexibility. Flat holes and components are typically produced, but the process is also supplemented by lourvre, dimple, and embossed machine heads.
No HAZ. As a cold process, CNC punching produces no heat affected zones (HAZ) that would affect material properties at the molecular level.
Burr Creation. These deformities can affect the flatness of the part during the manufacturing process.
Minimum Distance Between Punches. Without a minimum distance each punch can affect the shape of previous geometries or mess up the location of future punches.

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