Aluminum 3D Printing Service

Award-Winning Digital Manufacturing: Aluminum 3D Printing

If you’re looking for high-quality aluminum 3D printing, 3Diligent offers a host of solutions such as laser powder bed fusion (PBF) in various sizes and investment casting through the use of 3D printed patterns. Standard material options are AlSi10Mg and AlSi12Mg, with standard lead times of two weeks though rush deliveries are possible in as little as a few days. We are able to meet demanding requirements for both prototyping and production runs.We are capable of meeting your needs.

Beyond Aluminum 3D Printing…

Our 3D printing service is the most comprehensive in the industry, offering each of the major 3D printing processes and as broad a range of materials as you can find in the market.

When it comes to metal 3D printing, our capabilities are unmatched. From small parts to large, from tight tolerances and near net shapes for speed and savings, to industrial/medical grade materials, we are uniquely capable of supporting virtually any metal 3D printing project.

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Metal 3D Printing Process Overview

3D printing is the process of building up objects layer-by-layer, adding material as you go. It has emerged not only as a tool for prototyping but also for functional applications (such as replacement parts and tooling) and production parts (that commonly wouldn’t be achievable any other way). Below are overviews of our different metal additive technologies.

Click the process title to view more information, including additional perspective on our resin, plastic, and gypsum technologies. If you prefer, submit an RFQ and our team will identify and present the most economical solution that meets the requirements of your particular application.

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