A356-T6 Aluminum Casting Service

A356-T6 Aluminum Casting Service

Rapid Turn Aluminum Casting Service to Support Demanding Applications

A356-T6 aluminum casting is offered through 3Diligent’s metal casting service. A356-T6 Aluminum Alloy is a casting alloy commonly associated with the automotive industry. It has been used for the casting of wheels, among other things.

A356-T6 Aluminum is commonly compared to 6061-T6 Aluminum. In that comparison, A356-T6 Aluminum offers a slightly higher tensile modulus (70 to 69 GPa), slightly lower elongation at break (3-6% vs. 10%), lower fatigue strength (approaching 90 Mpa vs. 96 Mpa), and lower Ultimate Tensile Strength (approach 270 MPa vs. 310 Mpa).

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Beyond A356-T6 Aluminum Casting

3Diligent offers a range of casting options across metals, urethanes, and silicone. 3Diligent’s casting service includes a variety of options to meet your needs, regardless of volume or material needs. Using our extensive 3D printing capability to produce high-fidelity master patterns, we are able to deliver outstanding urethane (RTV-Room Temperature Vulcanization) and silicone castings. If you are seeking metal castings, 3Diligent supports both sand casting and investment casting approaches to support you from prototype to production volumes.

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