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Get Parts On Time or Early 98% of the time

With ProdEX, you can manage your own suppliers and dynamically source from a world of additional qualified vendors, on-demand, in a single platform​

What Is ProdEX?​

ProdEX is the game-changing on-demand manufacturing software and service. Built by 3Diligent, awarded as one of the top 15 Industry 4.0 Companies to Watch, ProdEX has networked hundreds of manufacturers around the globe to provide on-demand manufacturing support to our customers.  Within a convenient online interface, you can submit Requests for Quote (RFQs) for virtually any manufacturing request.  In addition, ProdEX has powerful integrated search tools for you to research materials and technologies, and also refine your product design.  At the end of the day, ProdEX is your online machine shop, giving you the convenience of one-stop shopping for all your part and product needs.



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3Diligent example technologies: DMLS powder bed fusion 3D printing

What Does It Offer?​

Hundreds of Materials – With material options spanning plastics, metals, composites, and ceramics, you get the convenience of one-stop shopping from your online job shop. 

Hundreds of Technologies – Offering CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Casting, Injection Molding, and Sheet Metal Forming, there is hardly a job that ProdEX can’t handle.  

Hundreds of Suppliers – With production across 6 continents, we have the ability to support you domestically or overseas, as your program requirements call for.  

Thousands of Ways to Get Your Job Done To Spec Faster, More Affordably – In addition to thousands of supplier manufacturing profiles, ProdEX also offers multiple ways to submit RFQs depending on where you are in the product lifecycle.  From empowering you to submit RFQs directly to existing suppliers to getting instant quotes from our network to completely outsourcing material selection and project management to our team, ProdEX has a solution for you.

Speed Up Your Sourcing Exponentially​

One of the biggest headaches of sourcing is how much time it takes.  Blasting emails seems fast enough to start…but soon, you’re juggling inbound responses, prodding those who haven’t responded, and trying to pull everything into spreadsheets and calendars.  What a pain.  With ProdEX, you can synthesize all of that activity into one convenient portal.  With ProdEX, you can engage existing trusted suppliers, identify new ones, or simply use the embedded ProdEX service to get your parts fulfilled. 

Read more about ProdEX’s sourcing options.

3Diligent example processes: routing

Quality You Can Trust​

The team at Walters and Wolf needed custom nodes to build the dramatic façade of Seattle’s second tallest building. Unfortunately, none of their manufacturing partners had the capability.  That’s when they came to ProdEX.  ProdEX was able to deliver from prototype to production, with a combination of prototype metal 3D Printing, investment casting, and eventually production metal 3D Printing.  In the end, the results speak for themselves.

Read the case study about how 3Diligent ProdEX helped define the Seattle skyline.

Why Risk Paying 273% More Than You Have to?

Digital manufacturing is the leading edge of manufacturing.  Some might call it the Wild West of manufacturing.  And in the Wild West, price is a relative thing.  That’s not to suggest that any manufacturer is trying to rip its customers off.  But it is to say that different manufacturers have different solutions, overhead costs, and pricing strategies.  With so many providers out there, how can you be confident you’re using the solution that will give you competitiveness in a global market?  After all, a study by 3Diligent showed that the spread from low to high bid for the same RFQ averaged 273%!  3Diligent ProdEX has set out to solve this problem, by providing you the tools and service options to access cost effective solutions.    

Learn more about how price variability, and how 3Diligent ProdEX helps save you money.

3Diligent suite of products: ProdEX, Shopsight, 3Depot, and Additive Consulting

What Does It Cost?​

It’s FREE to sign up and use ProdEX. 

Naturally, pricing for different manufacturing requests and levels of the ProdEX team’s involvement will vary.  But that’s spelled out clearly to you within the interface.

It only takes a few seconds to set up an account.  So what are you waiting for?

Terry Trumbull, VP of Electro-Mech Components, Aerospace Industry

We worked with 3Diligent on a urethane casting project. The breadth of materials and services they offered, including flame retardant and color options, made them a great partner on this program. We were very satisfied with the experience.

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Getting a Quote from 3Diligent is
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The evolution from prototyping to production is different for every project, calling for different machines, materials, and investments every step of the way.  No provider can offer everything you could need under a single roof, especially in the rapidly evolving space of digital manufacturing—and when companies try, it makes even the most basic jobs exorbitantly expensive.

That’s where 3Diligent has been designed to be different.  Using the power of cloud computing, 3Diligent leverages a global network of qualified manufacturers to complete custom manufacturing projects on demand.