ProdEX Plans and Pricing

ProdEX Plans & Pricing Matrix

3Diligent ProdEX is your sourcing solution for Industry 4.0 rapid manufacturing. From the beginning, 3Diligent has provided a digital-manufacturing service offering the world’s most cutting-edge technologies and materials.

The 3Diligent ProdEX secure portal, enables you to submit an RFQ for your project in order to receive a bid. The process leverages our proprietary software and extensive network of qualified manufacturers. 

Three levels of service are offered depending upon the amount of assistance you require: ProdEX Auto, ProdEX Connect, and ProdEX PM.

With a range of digital-manufacturing solutions including 3D printing, machining and CNC machining, casting, and injection molding and facilities around the globe, 3Diligent can support you from prototype to replacement part and from bridge to mass production.

Choose the best plan for your project needs​

Fast, Automated Quotes

Best for Rapid Prototyping

Parts Made by Any Supplier

Manual Quotes Directly from Suppliers You Select or ProdEX Refers

Best for Product Development and Single-Site Production Runs

New Supplier IP Charge $999 per Supplier

ProdEX Team Manages Your Project for You from End to End

Best Well-Defined Production or Aftermarket Part Programs

Projects Requiring Global Fulfillment and Delivery

Project Management Fee Included in Quote