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The Widest Range of 3D Printing Service to Address Any Project Need

If you need a high-quality 3D printing services, 3Diligent provides the best options in the industry, offering each of the major 3D printing services and as broad a range of materials as you can find in the market. From modeling materials such as gypsum and paper, to fit and form resins and silicones, to engineering plastics and metals, we have the material you want.

Looking for parts for a particular industry (such as medical 3D printing) or size (such as large-form plastic or metal 3D printed parts bigger than a breadbox)? 3Diligent is well equipped to tackle your project.

3D Printing Service Process Overview

3D printing, or additive manufacturing as it less commonly but perhaps more accurately known, is the process of building up objects layer-by-layer, adding material as you go. Its emergence as a tool not only for prototyping but also for functional applications (e.g., replacement parts, tooling) and production parts (that commonly wouldn't be achievable any other way) provided the inspiration for 3Diligent. Here, we present an overview of each of the major additive manufacturing processes we offer at 3Diligent. Click into any of these process options for more information or simply submit an RFQ and our team will assess the optimal solution for your particular application.

Visit the ProdEX resources section for more information about the history of 3D printing, how additive manufacturing can fit into your business strategies for prototyping, replacement parts, tooling, and production parts that call for additive manufacturing's unique abilities.

3Diligent has supported hundreds of companies in providing digital-manufacturing solutions for their most challenging project needs.

If you're interested in experiencing the power of our digital-manufacturing solutions firsthand, submit an RFQ through our secure portal or send an email detailing a few of the specifics of your project and we'll be in touch.

Related Processes

Example of enhanced metal in additive manufacturing


(a.k.a. CJP, BJ, BJMI)

Our binder jetting 3D printing service involves spraying an adhesive binder onto powdered material to build up a part. Binder jetting is offered both in gypsum ("Color Jet Printing," ideal for full-color modeling) and metal (binder jetting with metal infiltration, a cost-effective metal printing option).


Example of directed energy disposition additive manufacturing


(a.k.a. DED, LENS)

Our directed energy deposition 3D printing service involves jetting powdered metal into a melt pool created by a focused energy source. Offered in metal, Directed Energy Deposition (DED) is ideal for part repair applications and a viable option for the ground-up building of particular geometries, especially parts bigger than a cubic foot in size.


Example of extrusion additive manufacturing


(a.k.a. FDM, FFF)

Our extrusion 3D printing service uses a heated nozzle to melt and dispense filament or pellets onto a platform, layer by layer. A cost-effective option for functional thermoplastic parts. Commonly known by its Stratasys branded name of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) or the generic term Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).


Example of material jetting in additive manufacturing


(a.k.a. PolyJet, MJP)

This 3D printing service involves jetting photosensitive resin from an inkjet head, then curing upon deposition with UV light. An outstanding process for high-accuracy prints, especially those requiring parts with multiple materials or variable material characteristics across a part.


Example of powder bed fusion 3D printed part


(a.k.a. SLS, MJF, DMLS, SLM, DMP, LaserCUSING)

Our powder bed fusion 3D printing service involves selectively melting powdered material with a focused energy source. Available for both plastic (SLS) and metal printing (DMLS, EBM, SLM, LaserCUSING, DMP), powder bed fusion offers highly accurate parts and unparalleled geometric flexibility. It is generally best for parts under a cubic foot in size.


Example of vat photopolymerization in additive manufacturing


(a.k.a. SL, SLA, DLP, CLIP)

This 3D printing service involves selectively curing photosensitive resin in a vat using focused light. An outstanding solution for parts requiring a smooth surface finish, tight tolerances, and low-to-moderate functional requirements.


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