CNC Machining

3Diligent Provides a Wide Variety of CNC Machining Service Options for Demanding Applications

3Diligent CNC machining services provide you a range of multi-axis solutions capable of achieving highly complex geometries and extremely tight tolerances.

CNC Machining Process Overview

Computer Numerical Control Machining (CNC Machining), describes subtractive manufacturing processes that take digital design files (CAD/CAM designs) and use them to cut away material from raw stock using defined tool paths. CNC Machining is highly precise and accurate, with .005" as a standard tolerance, and achievable tolerances to less than .001".

3Diligent offers machining of metals including tungsten, vanadium, Inconel, HAYNES, titanium, alloy steel, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, niobium, copper, Hastalloy, stainless steel, tantalum, titanium, and tool steel

3Diligent offers machining of other materials including Zirconium, Wood, Wax, Ren Board, Teflon (PTFE), Urethane, and TPU.

3Diligent has supported hundreds of companies in providing digital-manufacturing solutions for their most challenging project needs.

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CNC machining


Using a rapidly turning blade to cut into a block of raw material. The fundamental CNC Machining technology, capable of creating a wide variety of geometries with tight tolerances.


Example of CNC turning being used to create a product

CNC Turning

Rotating (turning) a rod of raw material and feeding a cutting tool into the rotating workpiece. Optimal for parts that are symmetrical around an axis (e.g., parts with round exterior surfaces).


Examples of sheet metal fabrication

Sheet Metal

Removing material, deforming, and assembling metal sheets into production parts and geometries.


Laser Cutting

Using a focused laser beam to burn through the material. Highly accurate, but best utilized on materials that do not reflect laser light or absorb heat. Generally limited to metals. It can create some distortion and burn marks from the heat.


Water jetting rapid manufacturing


The process of spraying abrasive material in a focused jet of water to rapidly remove material. Generally suited for 2D cutting, Waterjetting doesn't require special tooling and generally doesn't require post-processing.



Electro-discharge machining is capable of delivering tremendous precision on parts made of electrically conductive materials.


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