A Cost-Effective Option for Precise, Functional Metal Parts Made Through a Multitude of Multi-Axis Solutions

CNC Milling Services for Accurate, Versatile Parts

3Diligent's CNC milling services, like other types of computer numerical controls for machining applications, offer several benefits, including accuracy versatility, and reproducibility. CNC milling is often used for prototypes, ball joints, brackets, rollers, spindles, valve bodies, and other similar parts.

CNC Milling Overview

Our CNC milling service transforms basic-shaped stock metals or plastics into more complex geometries with tight tolerances. Using a rapidly turning blade to cut into the raw material, this subtractive manufacturing technology can leverage multi-axis solutions to produce a dynamic range of intricacies and designs.

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3Diligent has supported hundreds of companies in providing digital-manufacturing solutions for their most challenging project needs.

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CNC Milling Process at a Glance

  • Standard Tolerance
  • Stock Surface Finish
    ~ 1.6 μm Ra
  • Lead Time
    As low as 1 week
  • Maximum Machine Size
    2000 mm
  • Minimum Wall Thickness
    ~ 0.02"
Highly Accurate. Tolerances as low at 0.001".
Versatile. Multi-axis cutting allows for highly complex geometries.
Short-run efficient. Smaller volumes of product often price better.
High tolerances and fine finishes.
Significant programming needed. Depending on the part complexity and contours.
Additional setups. Parts with features on all sides can require multiple setups and occasionally custom fixtures to hold the workpiece in place as it is cut by the milling tool.
Internal features cannot be machined. If not visible or can be accessed to the tool.
Example Machines
3 Axis (vertical/horizontal)
4 Axis (vertical/horizontal)
5 Axis (vertical/horizontal)

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