Working Services

Working Services from 3Diligent

3Diligent's working service is designed to meet your needs for metal shaping. We offer cold forging and hot forging services for a number of metal materials. 

Working Services Overview

The forging process shapes metal through hammering, pressing, or rolling; often with a hammer or die. Current forging technologies are categorized into cold, warm, or hot forging.

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3Diligent example processes: cold forging

Cold Forging Service

Cold forging is used to form certain metals and alloys at room temperature using dies and extreme pressure. The process may include rolling, drawing, pressing, spinning, extruding, and heading. 

3Diligent example processes: hot forging

Hot Forging Service

Hot forging is used to create custom parts with complex geometries using high temperatures. The most common forging process, it is used for all ferrous and non-ferrous metallic materials.

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