Modeling 3D Printing Materials

Full Color Options for Non-Functional Applications

Multi-color printing materials for aesthetic models

Are you are seeking basic appearance models without need for functional applications or tight tolerances?   We offer the following modeling 3D Printing materials for your consideration.  These materials are utilized by our sheet lamination and binder jetting technologies.  Have a project in mind?  Submit an RFQ through our secure portal or email us with a description of your project and we'll be in touch. 


Paper is an affordable material available for full-color prints.  Note that the geometries possible with paper printing technology should not be extraordinarily complex.

Materials Offered

Paper (no material data sheet available)


Gypsum, also sometimes referred to as full color sandstone or plaster, is another material capable of absorbing CMYK ink for color prints.  

Materials Offered

3D Systems_Visijet PXL