Metal Materials

3Diligent Material Library


We classify our metal material library into ferrous, non-ferrous, and enhanced. These alloys, steels, and naturally occurring elements can undergo be 3D printed, cnc machined, castinjection molded, and subjected to sheet metal fabrication to achieve your digital manufacturing applications.


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Ferrous Metals

The inclusion of iron in ferrous metals commonly instills high tensile strength. Other typical properties include higher magnetism and a higher carbon ratio — commonly resulting in rust from moisture. However, some notable ferrous metals, stainless steel for example, have intrinsic protection from rust. This makes stainless a prime candidate for heavy-duty, weathering applications in the construction and tooling industries.

Non-Ferrous Metals

This particular category of metal is more rust-resistant than the ferrous type, and is easily used in casting, sheet metal, low strength, and general applications requiring malleability or weather resistance.

Enhanced Metal

The enhanced metals family offers combinations of electrical and thermal conductivity, strength, and weight manipulations to achieve hybrid-like material properties.