Polymer Materials

3Diligent Material Library


We classify our polymer material library into thermoplastics, thermoset resins, and enhanced plastics. Though polymers are defined by a common shared molecular chain, certain advanced plastics are also broadly considered polymers — introducing characteristics from other material families.


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Thermoplastics support high strength applications. Their ability to melt back into a fluid without changing physical properties makes these plastics prime candidates for flexible applications; high-stress, mechanical applications; and recycling. The reversability of the melting process means that the material physical properties will carry over into the next design — depending on shape.

Thermoset Resin

Thermoset resins typically offer economical solutions for achieving complex designs, high temperature and chemical resistances, and overall strength improvements within a part. A key differentiating factor for these thermosets is the inability to melt back into a liquid state due to the tenacious chemical bonds formed during the resin curing process.

3Dioligent enhanced plastics

Enhanced Plastics

The family of enhanced plastics within polymer materials are generally buffed with wider temperature tolerances and other characteristics that differentiate them from typical commercial products. Common options of enhanced plastics include custom polymers along with polyamide, ABS, and PLS reinforced materials.