3D Printing Make vs. Buy Decision


Thinking of buying a 3D Printer?

Whether you're considering buying a 3D Printer or another piece of digital manufacturing equipment, you're facing the classic make vs. buy decision.  Are you best served to invest in capital equipment yourself to make a product or to buy fabrication services from the marketplace?

Especially as it relates to buying a 3D printer, there is a unique set of financial and strategic considerations related to this make vs. buy decision.  Considering the rapidly evolving state of the 3D Printing market, buying a 3D Printer carries with it some unique obsolescence risks.  Knowing which printer to buy to fulfill your particular applications requires consideration of a number of key factors as well.  Strategically speaking, there may be particular motivations of your organization and how it may need or want to incorporate additive manufacturing into broader organizational plans.

What are all of these considerations?  Moreover, how should you weigh the tradeoffs between these options.

To aid your decision making, we’ve consolidated that information in the Make vs. Buy: 3D Printing Sourcing Decisions.  In the report, we present findings and implications related to:


  • Key considerations for sourcing
  • Key considerations for buying
  • Approaches for weighing the two

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