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About shopsight

The industry Leader

To deliver an excellent custom manufactured product, a shop must be capable of exceptional preparation and processes. 3Diligent Shopsight ensures repeatable, quality parts, and reduced scrap rates through 3Diligent’s proprietary cloud-based solution. Shopsight provides machine shops, job shops, and service bureaus a suite of features critical to delivering outstanding products at competitive prices. With elements specifically targeting estimating, order management, task lists, routing, tracing, analytics, and more, Shopsight ensures manufacturing excellence.
3Diligent Shopsight targets the modern, digital machine shop. Available as tiered subscription packages for addressing a shop’s specific pre-production, production, or combined requirements, the service is available as Shopsight Free, Shopsight Basic, Shopsight Estimator, Shopsight Operator, Shopsight E & O, and Shopsight Connect plans.

Shopsight Estimator

Order Management

Effectively manage orders from pre-production to delivery. Upload orders from any source into a single source of truth for your manufacturing operations.

Pricing Estimator

Leverage the power of cloud computing to dynamically assess the price of manufacturing a given item. Rapidly iterate through different customer situations, shop situations, and solution vectors, and generate quotes in seconds, not hours.

Process Selector

Eliminate wasted time and money attempting to select the right process by gut or intuition. Leverage the power of cloud computing to rapidly price and identify viable manufacturing solutions.

Shopsight Operator

Order Management

Effectively manage orders from pre-production to delivery. Upload orders from any source into a single source of truth for your manufacturing operations.

Job Creation

Define a specific delivery of different pieces of an order so you can stay on time and on budget.

Job Router & Task Lists

Readily track jobs as they pass through the shop floor. Mark tasks complete as appropriate and interface directly with the administrative portal. Create appropriate task lists to ensure work gets done properly on the shop floor.

Audit Trails

With Audit Trails, every action of the job is thoroughly documented and accessible through the platform. Use Audit Trails to review historical data with defined parameter sets and repeatedly achieve the best possible outputs from your systems.

Shopsight O & E

All the Features of Shopsight Estimator & Shopsight Operator

To ensure your operation performs at the highest level of efficiency, choose Shopsight O & E, a bundle of all the production and pre-production features.


Shopsight Connect

Shopsight Connect is the highest level of subscription. Customers with Shopsight Connect can speak directly with the buyer or procurement officer. Using fully integrated Zoom video conferencing, the supplier provides a more personalized and user-friendly experience—essential when fulfilling high-touch ProdEX prototypes or production runs.

Shopsight’s Key Difference: The Vulcury Ecosystem

While there are various QMS, ERP, and MES solutions on the market, what separates Shopsight from others is the Vulcury platform. Launched in 2020, Vulcury is the foundation for Shopsight, ProdEX, and 3Depot.

Shopsight users can benefit from receiving ProdEX job opportunities to fill their sales funnel and gain access to powerful research tools within 3Depot—an easier path to identifying and purchasing material and technology solutions. Together, it is a sum greater than its parts.

3Diligent Shopsight computer screen

“With Shopsight Connect, we know both the clients and vendors have been diligently vetted by the 3Diligent team. This takes any trepidation out of the design and manufacturing process, and allows us to get to work right away.”
Benjamin Heard, Project Lead,
STS-Technical Design