The Best Software for Job Shop Managers

Quote 9700% faster and more accurately

Cut Down NCRs by 75%

Reduce Undesired Downtime by Up to 100%

Let the best software for job shop managers—Shopsight—elevate your shop operations and profitability to the next level ​

What Is Shopsight?​

Shopsight is the manufacturing execution system that will change the way that your shop operates forever. Built by 3Diligent, awarded as one of the top 15 Industry 4.0 Companies to Watch, Shopsight delivers…

Rule the manufacturing floor with the best software for job shop managers
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What Does It Offer?​



Design Studio​

Order Management​

Task Lists​

Job Routers​

Non Conformance Controls​


Deal Flow

Quote 9700% Faster and More Accurately​

It’s not called the best software for job shop managers for nothing. With Shopsight, you can assess and quote your customer’s projects instantly. Increase the quality and efficiency of your sales endeavors with access to real-time data for simple quotes and expedited quoting methods for more complex projects. Think what that can do to free up your engineering resources.

Job Shop Estimation Software

Enhance Quality and Traceability​

Winning the work is one thing. But making sure that the work you sell is profitable is THE thing. With Shopsight Operator, you can build job task lists, and then track-and-trace job milestones as they move across the floor. Additionally, gain critical insights and retain easy access to past/completed programs with cloud-powered searchability.

Keep Your Data Accessible and Secure

Shopsight has encryption, end-to-end protection, etc. Our platform was designed by the engineer who carries patents in secure data search.

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What Does It Cost?​

It’s FREE to sign up for a trial. If you like it, we offer modules on a per user basis for low monthly or annual subscription rates.​