Job Shop Quality Management Software

Job Shop Quality Management Software

The Shopsight Operator Subscription Plan develops the critical instructions you use to make great parts, the job routers that track and trace parts throughout the processes, and the audit systems automatically created for you to manage system requirements. This job shop quality management software focuses on helping you run a tighter shift.

Shopsight, the Job Shop Quality Management Software
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Order Management
Job Shop Quality Management Software

You can effectively manage orders from pre-production through to delivery with Order Management. Upload orders from any source into a single database of truth for your manufacturing operations. Inputs can come from your own shop developments or through a job routing integration system with 3Diligent ProdEX, a procurement platform where buyers need parts made from shops like yours.

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Job Creation
Job Shop Estimation Software

Like any large order that uses digital manufacturing processes, some work can’t get done all at once. Using the Job Creation feature, identify specific deliveries of different pieces of each order so you can stay on time and on budget. Operator helps you stay flexible and meet the various needs and deadlines of your customers.

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Task Lisk Generator
Job Shop Estimation Software

To do it right, you need a list of instructions that help you nail a job the first time. As they say in the clothing industry, “from the top floor to the shop floor.” Using Shopsight’s Task List Generator, your engineering team or leadership can develop a physical plan that guides work on the shop floor, from small, to big, to automated tasks. Useful features, like time estimation, are already embedded in the heart of the software to help track and trace your performance more effectively.

Job Routers
Job Shop Estimation Software

With Shopsight Job Routers, track work as it progresses on the shop floor. Mark tasks complete when appropriate and interface directly with the administrative portal so job performance can be easily tracked.

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Job Shop Estimation Software
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Audit Trails
Job Shop Estimation Software

Need to know exactly how the work was done, who did it, and when it happened? If you operate at the highest levels of quality, you do; but who enjoys the amount of paperwork that this entails? Let Audit Trails integrate into your production flow package. Document every action and review when you need to take a look back without having to worry about the creation or storage location of such data. Gone are the days of running a program, making a customer happy, then finding months or years later you are at a loss to remember how it was done. Retain your historical data with defined parameter sets and keep achieving the best possible outputs with your systems.