Shopsight Job Shop Estimation Software

Job Shop Estimation Software

Estimating jobs is time consuming, tricky, and if you get it wrong, you can lose your shirt!

There’s nothing worse than missing out on work that could have been profitable, or getting work that isn’t worth the trouble, all because you mis-estimated.

With Shopsight Estimator, these problems are solved. 

With Estimator, you are empowered with powerful tools for both project assessment and quoting.  Powered by cloud computing power provided by the Vulcury software platform, a multitude of different potential project approaches can be assessed to help you identify the right manufacturing solution for the task at hand.  Then, with the click of a button, pricing across all of those viable solutions can be calculated. 

No more creating a bunch of quotes to cover potential options, or trying to consider which process and material combination might be the best for the customer. Save your engineers hours and stay focused on making your customers happy.

Shopsight's job shop estimatino software helps you run an efficient shop floor.
Job Shop Estimation Software

Estimator Tool
Job Shop Estimation Software

Based on dozens of different pricing values inputs, this feature leverages cloud computing to price item manufacturing costs. Quickly rifle through varying customer situations, shop settings, and solution vectors; and generate quotes in seconds, not hours. Why not free up your shop to make more money from your assets? 

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Order Management
Job Shop Estimation Software

With Shopsight Estimator is basic access to the Shopsight order management software.  Efficiently manage orders from pre-production through to delivery with Order Management. Upload orders from any source into a single source of truth for your manufacturing operations. Keep track of your quotes and projects with the power of secure cloud computing.

Order management screen for Shopsight job shop estimation software
Process Selector, Shopsight, Estimator

Process Selector Tool
Job Shop Estimation Software

While the Estimator Tool gets the payoff, the Process Selector tool lays the foundation upon which it builds.  With the Process Selector Tool, the Shopsight engine queries all of your eligible process parameters for all of your equipment, identifying which solutions are viable for the task at hand.  So even before getting to the actual act of quoting, you have freed up previously wasted time and money attempting to select the right process by gut or intuition. Once viable solutions are identified, you’re empowered to make the right decisions faster, and take your operations to the next level.