How Shopsight Works

Powerful software that is shockingly easy to use

Get set up in minutes, make more money in days

Shopsight software-as-a-service was designed to empower the many manufacturers that want to embrace the opportunities of Industry 4.0 with powerful software, but without huge upfront costs or an unclear path to ROI.  

Sign up for a free instance of Shopsight and within minutes you can have a digital replica of your shop floor built.  Log production parameters, pricing formulas, orders, task lists, and job routers with the power of a clean web interface.  Deliver quality parts with the knowledge that your production is repeatable and  auditable.  Bring your quoting directly to the web with a Portal marketing page and integrated quoting engine.

3Diligent is perpetually in the process of qualifying and on-boarding talented fabricators to ensure we are providing the greatest possible value to our customers. We are in search of expert craftsmen like you to deliver the highest quality products while seeking to get the most out of their capital assets. If you are a talented provider of 3D printing, CNC machining, casting, or injection molding services, we encourage you to apply to join our fabrication network. 

The ProdEX Advantage

A free extension of your job pipeline

In addition to delivering powerful tools that empower manufacturers, Shopsight goes one step further.  As the sister division to ProdEX, Shopsight users by default are set up to receive ProdEX job opportunities to augment their existing customer demand.

The way it works is simple: ProdEX issues quotes to customers using its software. If those customers accept, 3Diligent offers those job opportunities to those members of its Shopsight community best suited to fulfill the work.  In sum, ready-made deal flow to augment your operations. 

Get set up with a free account or upgrade to a paid subscription for even more powerful functionality.


Pricing Estimator

3Diligent’s pricing estimator is an extraordinarily powerful tool enabling your fabrication shop to quickly assess three-dimensional considerations for manufacturing against your fleet of technologies, account for various circumstances within which a job opportunity might have been created, and quickly generate quotes for production. Shopsight is indispensable for contract manufacturers, job shops, and even internal machine shops. Create an account now or sign in to get started with Shopsight.


Process Screener

With the Process Screener you eliminate wasted time and money attempting to select the right process by gut or intuition. This tool leverages the power of cloud computing to rapidly price and identify viable manufacturing solutions. You can immediately access the power of data to help you and your team make the right decisions faster so you can make more money. 


Order Management

You can effectively manage orders from pre-production through to delivery with Order Management. Upload orders from any source into a single source of truth for your manufacturing operations.


Task List Generator

No job gets done right without the correct set of instructions. As they say, in the clothing industry, “From the top floor to the shop floor.” Using Shopsight’s Task List Generator, your engineering team or leadership can create appropriate task lists to ensure work gets done properly on the shop floor. Useful features, such as time estimation, are integrated into the software so you can track and trace your performance in estimation skills more effectively. 


Job Routers

Once instructions are in place, work needs to begin and finish. With Shopsight Job Routers, you can readily track jobs as they pass through the shop floor. Mark tasks complete as appropriate and interface directly with the administrative portal so job performance can be easily tracked.


Audit Trails

Do you need to know exactly how the work was done, who did it, and when it happened? If you operate at the highest levels of quality, you do; but who enjoys the amount of paperwork this entails? Make your job easier with Audit Trails integrated into the production flow package. Every action of the job is thoroughly documented and accessible through the platform. Gone are the days of running a program, making a customer happy, then finding months or years later you are at a loss to remember how it was done. Simply use Audit Trails to review historical data with defined parameter sets and repeatedly achieve the best possible outputs from your systems.


Is There a Cost?

Manufacturers can access Shopsight software for as little as zero.  Trial the software for a week and if you aren't satisfied, simply downgrade to a free plan.  For Shopsight users seeking to receive ProdEX deal flow, we do ask you to cover the cost of fabricating a test part as a step in our supplier-qualification process.


How Do I Get ProdEX Job Opportunities?

ProdEX maintains the highest standards of quality, and our approach to sharing deal flow with Shopsight is based on trust and experience.  After detailing your capabilities and preferences within Shopsight, you will begin the ProdEX qualification process.  Demonstrate a commitment to 3Diligent's core values and you can become a top supplier fast.