Shopsight CONNECT

What is Shopsight CONNECT?

Shopsight Connect is the highest level of subscription. Customers with Shopsight Connect can speak directly with the buyer or procurement officer. Using fully integrated Zoom video conferencing, the supplier provides a more personalized and user-friendly experience—essential when fulfilling high-touch ProdEX prototypes or production runs.

Developer using 3Diligent Shopsight and ProdEX

Why Use Shopsight CONNECT?

While there are various QMS, ERP, and MES solutions on the market, what separates Shopsight from others is the Vulcury platform. Launched in 2020, Vulcury is the foundation for Shopsight, ProdEX, and 3Depot.

Shopsight users can benefit from receiving ProdEX job opportunities to fill their sales funnel and gain access to powerful research tools within 3Depot—an easier path to identifying and purchasing material and technology solutions. Together, it is a sum greater than its parts.

Sales Engineers | Digital Manufacturing Engineers | Job Shop Owners


Shopsight CONNECT finds its value up and down the command chain and across departments.