Shopsight Plans and Pricing

Shopsight—Software for Managing Your Shop

Shopsight by 3Diligent is a manufacturing-excellence system and a leading solution for job shops, machine shops, and service bureau operators.

Designed with the modern machine shop in mind, Shopsight is modular, which allows you to choose a package of features to accommodate the unique needs of your shop—whether pre-production, production, or both.  With even the basic subscription, you can access ProdEX project opportunities submitted by 3Diligent customers.

Shopsight Plans & Pricing



Receive Business Opportunities


Grow Your Presence and Quote Online


Track and Trace All Your Business


Build Your Own Package

AutoquotingGenerate instant quotes for customers visiting your Portal page 
Upload RFQs/OrdersImport orders via CSV import to Shopsight’s order management tools  
Process ProfilesEstablish parameter sets for different machines to track performanceLimited
Quoting ProfilesDefine quoting equations to instantly quote for different circumstancesLimited
Profile ScreenerUse cloud computing power to instantly quote hundreds of pricing permutationsLimited
Task ListsBuild job task lists, and then track-and-trace job milestones as they move across the floor  

APIIntegrate quoting capability directly into your own marketing website  ✔✔
PortalA dedicated marketing page and quoting engine to share with customers ✔✔✔
Portal SearchBe found by customers using our new Portal search ✔✔✔
Connect AdvertisingGenerate direct Connect opportunities with your advertisements ✔✔✔

Connect DirectPast and existing customers can submit to you directly within ProdEX Connect ✔✔✔
Connect Sponsored AdsGenerate direct Connect opportunities with your advertisements ✔✔✔
Connect MatchmakerQualified customers and their projects hand delivered to your inbox PriorityHigher PriorityHighest Priority
PMThe ProdEX team works with you in support of a customerConsideredPriorityHigher PriorityHighest Priority
DFM ReportsGenerate Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reports to aid your team and your clientsno discount25% off50% offInquire
ShippingShip using FedEx for a significant discount to the retail rate 25% off40% offInquire
Shipping DiscountAccess 3Diligent’s preferred rate on FedEx shipments ✔✔✔
Print Shipping LabelsUse integrated shipping labels to make shipping a cinch ✔✔✔
Portal CommunicationUse integrated RingCentral calling to connect with customers around the world limited✔✔
Zoom AccessEngage customers using 3Diligent’s corporate Zoom videoconferencing account limited✔✔
Vendor Zoom AccountEngage customers using your own corporate Zoom videoconferencing account   ✔

Note: API integration may incur a separate installation fee, as evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Email to inquire about group rates and API integration opportunities.