Shopsight Basic Subscription Plan

Shopsight Basic Subscription Plan Helps You Fill Excess Capacity

The Shopsight Basic Subscription Plan is our no-cost, entry-level option for accessing the Shopsight toolset. This level enables you access to certain job opportunities from ProdEX and entry level access to Shopsight’s tools.

Central to the Basic Subscription is accessibility to ProdEX job opportunities.  When customers submit ProdEX RFQs using our Auto or Project Management (PM) offerings, they are asking us to manage our supplier network to fulfill their request.  For projects such as this, our team considers all Shopsight users to best fulfill the needs of the customer.  With that said, we generally prefer to utilize paid subscription users to fulfill the work.  If you’d like to be considered at higher priority and get additional Shopsight functionality, consider a Pro or Premium Plan.

AUTO Deals


Receive already sold, simple job opportunities that you can accept and fulfill

PM Deals


Work closely with the 3Diligent team in supporting client project opportunities

Estimator and Operator (Limited) 

Utilize Shopsight quoting and order management tools in support of ProdEX opportunities

Sync to ProdEX


Couple your account directly with a ProdEX procurement account, to support internal and external sourcing