Shopsight Basic Subscription Plan

Shopsight Basic Subscription Plan Provides Access to ProdEX Jobs

The Shopsight Basic Subscription Plan is our no-cost, entry-level option for accessing the Shopsight toolset. This level enables you access to job opportunities from ProdEX and a significant number of Shopsight’s tools.  However, certain features (e.g., telephony, discounted shipping) are not available to Basic users.  Additionally, users can get reduced transaction fees and additional discounts by upgrading to a paid account.

The Basic tier is required of all manufacturers participating in the ProdEX procurement platform. While manufacturers are not obligated to share any data with ProdEX, the Basic plan is naturally suited to companies more interested in job opportunities and uploading their own jobs than in executing processes and pricing exercises internal to their organization.

AUTO Deals

Receive already sold, simple job opportunities that you can accept and fulfill

PM Deals

Work closely with the 3Diligent team in supporting client project opportunities


Engage directly with 3Diligent customers using integrated tools

CONNECT Matchmaker

Qualified customers and their projects hand delivered to your inbox

Upload RFQs/Orders

Import orders via CSV import to Shopsight’s order management tools


A dedicated marketing page and quoting engine to share with customers

Portal Communication

Use integrated RingCentral calling to connect with customers around the world

Portal Autoquote

Generate instant quotes for customers visiting your Portal page


Generate direct Connect opportunities with your advertisements