Shopsight Estimator Subscription Plan

Shopsight Estimator Subscription Plan Ensures Manufacturing Excellence

The Shopsight Estimator Subscription Plan includes both unlimited access to 3Diligent’s process selector tool and our quoting estimator tool. You can create as many processes, including profiles, as you wish, then query them with the simulated RFQ tool. Leveraging the power of cloud computing, you can rapidly identify the right manufacturing process and the appropriate price to charge. No more pencil whipping dozens of quotes or scratching your head in considering which process and material combination might be the best. Simply leverage these tools to save your engineers hours of precious time so they can stay focused on making your customers happy.

Shopsight Estimator Pricing & Plans

Shopsight Estimator is offered with incremental plan options to meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

Job Shop Estimation Software

Order Management

You can effectively manage orders from pre-production through to delivery with Order Management. Upload orders from any source into a single source of truth for your manufacturing operations.

The Pricing Estimator Tool

Based on dozens of different pricing input values, the Pricing Estimator Tool leverages the power of cloud computing to dynamically assess the price of manufacturing a given item. You can rapidly iterate through different customer situations, shop situations, and solution vectors, and generate quotes in seconds, not hours. Free up your shop to make more money from your assets.

The Process Selector Tool

With the Process Selector Tool, you eliminate wasted time and money attempting to select the right process by gut or intuition. This tool leverages the power of cloud computing to rapidly price and identify viable manufacturing solutions. You can immediately access the power of data to help you and your team make the right decisions faster so you can make more money.