Shopsight Operator Subscription Plan

Shopsight Operator Subscription Plan

The Shopsight Operator Subscription Plan covers you from developing the critical instructions shop operators will use to make great parts, to the job routers that track and trace parts throughout the shop, to the automated audit trail the system generates for you to satisfy your quality management system requirements. The Operator subscription focuses on delivering the highest quality parts once a job opportunity has been identified. This collection of tools is designed to help you run a tighter shop.

Shopsight Operator Pricing & Plans

Shopsight Operator is offered with incremental plan options to meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

Order Management

You can effectively manage orders from pre-production through to delivery with Order Management. Upload orders from any source into a single source of truth for your manufacturing operations.

Job Creation

As part of any large manufacturing order, the work can't get done all at once. Using the Job Creation feature, Shopsight enables you to define a specific delivery of different pieces of an order so you can stay on time and on budget.

Task List Generator

No job gets done right without the correct set of instructions. As they say, in the clothing industry, “From the top floor to the shop floor.” Using Shopsight’s Task List Generator, your engineering team or leadership can create appropriate task lists to ensure work gets done properly on the shop floor. Useful features, such as time estimation, are integrated into the software so you can track and trace your performance in estimation skills more effectively.

Job Routers

Once instructions are in place, work needs to begin and finish. With Shopsight Job Routers, you can readily track jobs as they pass through the shop floor. Mark tasks complete as appropriate and interface directly with the administrative portal so job performance can be easily tracked.

Audit Trails

Do you need to know exactly how the work was done, who did it, and when it happened? If you operate at the highest levels of quality, you do; but who enjoys the amount of paperwork this entails? Make your job easier with Audit Trails integrated into the production flow package. Every action of the job is thoroughly documented and accessible through the platform. Gone are the days of running a program, making a customer happy, then finding months or years later you are at a loss to remember how it was done. Simply use Audit Trails to review historical data with defined parameter sets and repeatedly achieve the best possible outputs from your systems.