Shopsight Premium Subscription Plan

Shopsight Premium Plan

The Premium subscription lan features Shopsight Connect is our premier software for suppliers that want to deliver the highest level of customer support. With Shopsight Connect, you gain access to all features in the E&O package, plus video integration for live meetings and screen sharing with customers. Most importantly, gain eligibility for ProdEX Connect project opportunities, which are commonly production runs and higher touch development programs.

AUTO Deals

Receive already sold, simple job opportunities that you can accept and fulfill

PM Deals

Work closely with the 3Diligent team in supporting client project opportunities


Engage directly with 3Diligent customers using integrated tools

CONNECT Matchmaker

Qualified customers and their projects hand delivered to your inbox

Shipping Access

Access 3Diligent’s preferred rate on FedEx shipments

Shipping Labels

Generate Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reports to aid your team and your clients


A dedicated marketing page and quoting engine to share with customers

Portal Communication

Use integrated RingCentral calling to connect with customers around the world

Portal Autoquote

Generate instant quotes for customers visiting your Portal page


Generate direct Connect opportunities with your advertisements

Upload RFQs/Orders

Import orders via CSV import to Shopsight’s order management tools

Vendor Zoom Account

Engage customers using your own corporate Zoom videoconferencing account

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Shopsight Premium Tools Improve Your Estimation and Pricing Workflows

The Shopsight Pro plan includes both unlimited access to 3Diligent’s process selector tool and our quoting estimator tool. You can create as many processes, including profiles, as you wish, then query them with the simulated RFQ tool. Leveraging the power of cloud computing, you can rapidly identify the right manufacturing process and the appropriate price to charge. No more pencil whipping dozens of quotes or scratching your head in considering which process and material combination might be the best. Simply leverage these tools to save your engineers hours of precious time so they can stay focused on making your customers happy.

The Pricing Estimator Tool

Based on dozens of different pricing input values, the Pricing Estimator Tool leverages the power of cloud computing to dynamically assess the price of manufacturing a given item. You can rapidly iterate through different customer situations, shop situations, and solution vectors, and generate quotes in seconds, not hours. Free up your shop to make more money from your assets.

The Process Selector Tool

With the Process Selector Tool, you eliminate wasted time and money attempting to select the right process by gut or intuition. This tool leverages the power of cloud computing to rapidly price and identify viable manufacturing solutions. You can immediately access the power of data to help you and your team make the right decisions faster so you can make more money.

Shopsight Premium Tools Take Your Shop to the Next Level

The Shopsight Pro Subscription Plan covers you from developing the critical instructions shop operators will use to make great parts, to the job routers that track and trace parts throughout the shop, to the automated audit trail the system generates for you to satisfy your quality management system requirements, the Production Flow Package focuses on delivering the highest quality parts once a job opportunity has been identified. This collection of tools is designed to help you run a tighter shop.

Order Management

You can effectively manage orders from pre-production through to delivery with Order Management. Upload orders from any source into a single source of truth for your manufacturing operations. 

Task Lists

No job gets done right without the correct set of instructions. As they say, in the clothing industry, “From the top floor to the shop floor.” Using Shopsight’s Task List Generator, your engineering team or leadership can create appropriate task lists to ensure work gets done properly on the shop floor. Useful features, such as time estimation, are integrated into the software so you can track and trace your performance in estimation skills more effectively. 

Job Routing

Once instructions are in place, work needs to begin and finish. With Shopsight Job Routers, you can readily track jobs as they pass through the shop floor. Mark tasks complete as appropriate and interface directly with the administrative portal so job performance can be easily tracked. 

Audit Trails

Do you need to know exactly how the work was done, who did it, and when it happened? If you operate at the highest levels of quality, you do; but who enjoys the amount of paperwork this entails? Make your job easier with Audit Trails integrated into the production flow package. Every action of the job is thoroughly documented and accessible through the platform. Gone are the days of running a program, making a customer happy, then finding months or years later you are at a loss to remember how it was done. Simply use Audit Trails to review historical data with defined parameter sets and repeatedly achieve the best possible outputs from your systems.