Shopsight Pro Subscription Plan

Shopsight Pro Plan

Shopsight Pro Plan is a subscription plan including the Shopsight Estimator tools and the Shopsight Operator tools, all in a single convenient subscription; offered with incremental plan options to meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

AUTO Deals

Receive already sold, simple job opportunities that you can accept and fulfill

PM Deals

Work closely with the 3Diligent team in supporting client project opportunities


Engage directly with 3Diligent customers using integrated tools

CONNECT Matchmaker

Qualified customers and their projects hand delivered to your inbox

Shipping Access

Access 3Diligent’s preferred rate on FedEx shipments

Shipping Labels

Generate Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reports to aid your team and your clients


A dedicated marketing page and quoting engine to share with customers

Portal Autoquote

Generate instant quotes for customers visiting your Portal page


Generate direct Connect opportunities with your advertisements

Vendor Zoom Account

Engage customers using your own corporate Zoom videoconferencing account

Shopsight Pro Tools Improve Your Estimation and Pricing Workflows

The Shopsight Pro plan includes both unlimited access to 3Diligent’s process selector tool and our quoting estimator tool. You can create as many processes, including profiles, as you wish, then query them with the simulated RFQ tool. Leveraging the power of cloud computing, you can rapidly identify the right manufacturing process and the appropriate price to charge. No more pencil whipping dozens of quotes or scratching your head in considering which process and material combination might be the best. Simply leverage these tools to save your engineers hours of precious time so they can stay focused on making your customers happy.

The Pricing Estimator Tool

Based on dozens of different pricing input values, the Pricing Estimator Tool leverages the power of cloud computing to dynamically assess the price of manufacturing a given item. You can rapidly iterate through different customer situations, shop situations, and solution vectors, and generate quotes in seconds, not hours. Free up your shop to make more money from your assets.

The Process Selector Tool

With the Process Selector Tool, you eliminate wasted time and money attempting to select the right process by gut or intuition. This tool leverages the power of cloud computing to rapidly price and identify viable manufacturing solutions. You can immediately access the power of data to help you and your team make the right decisions faster so you can make more money.

Shopsight Pro Tools Take Marketing Your Shop to the Next Level

The Shopsight Pro Subscription Plan is all about taking you to the next level in marketing your shop.  


Do you want to build relationships with customers, but would like to have the 3Diligent team hand deliver suitable candidates for you to engage?  That's what Connect is all about.  We'll release job opportunities to you that are a fit and you can engage them directly using embedded messaging and Zoom videoconferencing features. 


Is your online presence not what it could be?  Do you have customers asking where your online quoting portal is?  Do you want to be able to issue instant quotes to customers on small jobs that are going to cost more to quote than they are to fulfill?  That's what Portal solves.  3Diligent has built you custom web pages that allow you to present yourself to the market and enable customers to submit RFQs using our streamlined ProdEX RFQ workflow, directly to you.  RFQs will appear in your Shopsight software alongside all your other job opportunities, massively streamlining the work you need to do in managing programs.  All while taking your marketing presence online to the next level. 

API Access

Keen on putting a quoting button on your own website?  That's what you can also do with a Pro subscription.  We can embed our quoting button directly into your website and with it, handle the processing of inbound orders for you.  API installs are as easy as adding a simple snippet of code to your website - which we can help with for a small charge.  

Shipping Discounts

3Diligent has brokered discounted shipping rates with FedEx to aid our Pro and Premium users in better delivering to their customers and ours.  With a Pro account, ship on our account at a significant discount to standard rates, and save yourself a fortune.  Plus, with embedded shipping management, your customers will know right where their package is without needing to contact you.

Design Discounts

Want to quickly assess parts for manufacturability?  The Design Studio is for you.  Perform analyses of your parts to quickly identify issues that will create issues during manufacturing.  Use them to enhance your own designs or as a value-added benefit to your customers.  Our design analysis tools can rapidly check thousands of part elements against design rules to ensure that going into production will be a breeze.