Why Shopsight

Rapidly identify appropriate solutions for manufacturing challenges.

Shopsight for Shop Managers Who Want to Do More with Their Assets

With the release of Shopsight, on-demand manufacturers now have a new, higher level of partnership with 3Diligent. In addition to our qualification tools, Shopsight ensures manufacturing excellence with a suite of solutions designed to keep your shop and manufacturing on time, on budget, and on spec.

3Diligent Shopsight is the primary solution for job shops, machine shops, and service bureau operators. It has been designed with the modern machine shop in mind and includes many levels to accommodate the unique needs of your shop with a collection of features to ensure you get the most from your digital-manufacturing assets.

Kiss Excel Goodbye

Shopsight is an extraordinarily powerful tool enabling fabricators to quickly assess three-dimensional considerations for manufacturing against its fleet of technologies, account for various circumstances within which a job opportunity might have been created, and quickly generate quotes for production. Eliminate complicated Excel spreadsheets with our simple-to-use, cloud-based application.

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Benefits to You as a Vendor
3Diligent technologies: metal casting

Enhance Your Competitive Position

Shopsight is chock full of powerful tools that help you improve your shop operations. The Pre-Production package enables you to assess job opportunities and quote them in a flash, putting spreadsheets to shame. The Production Package helps you deliver faster and better products, with all the tools to plan, track, and audit your work effectively and efficiently. It all adds up to a better running shop.

Access New Business

3Diligent serves as a central marketing hub for rapid-manufacturing services, allowing for more efficient customer engagement. Our reach also allows us to identify customer prospects across various industries—aerospace, automotive, life sciences, consumer, and industrial products—wherever there is significant demand. In this way, we focus on identifying great customer prospects leaving you to focus on manufacturing outstanding products.

3Diligent materials: natural wood

Utilize Excess Capacity

3Diligent has deliberately structured its platform with recognition of the unique nature of on-demand digital manufacturing. Submit bids with to-the-minute deadlines. Benefit from the flexibility to pursue work more aggressively when you have idle or excess capacity. Get more out of your assets before the next big thing comes along.

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