3Diligent Provides Solutions

3Diligent understands the challenges of bringing a product from prototype to production. We strive to improve product development with solutions for the entire ecosystem, from the designers to the business owners.

For Product Designers

ProdEX helps designers iterate faster and with more cutting technologies and materials.

3Diligent ProdEX ProdEX has enhanced the procurement process by an order of magnitude over the traditional approach of emailing suppliers or visiting multiple websites to gather quotes—any one of which is likely pushing the unique solutions a given supplier happens to have on the shop floor. With ProdEX, you can dynamically access the manufacturing capabilities and capacity of hundreds of suppliers, using thousands of machines, running myriad materials to ensure you are getting the right solution.

For Buyers

ProdEX makes procuring custom manufactured products easy.

3Diligent ProdEX Forget the days of mining a preferred supplier list in hopes of identifying the right technology for your engineers. Instead, submit a single request through the secure, cloud-based ProdEX procurement service and 3Diligent does the work for you. You can craft your own custom RFQ profiles to establish restrictions regarding the region, certifications, NDA requirements, and more. You can choose from hundreds of materials and hundreds of technologies to gain the best solution for your engineers while controlling for quality. Turn around quotes rapidly and satisfy the needs of your team without the heavy lifting.

For Shop Managers

Shopsight allows you run a tighter operation and get more out of your capital investments.

With the pre-production module, you can assess the viability of different manufacturing options for completing a task and estimating prices for those different solutions. The production module enables you to manage orders from start to finish, with useful tools such as task lists, job routers, and audit trails.

ProdEX makes overflow and backlog a problem of the past.

3Diligent ProdEXUsing ProdEX’s extraordinary breadth and depth of supply, manufacturers can request the exact specifics that allow them to meet the needs of their customers, even when they face constraints or last minute surprises.

For Developers

3Diligent offers powerful engineering tools via API for custom applications

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3Diligent's cutting edge platform was built with the needs of both our company and other global enterprises in mind.  Critical software functionality has been designed to provide you the ability to integrate the power of 3Diligent's software into your large business or enterprise. Rather than use prices generated by the ProdEX engine, quarterback your own procurement efforts with the power of our unique sourcing tools. With our API you can take advantage of 3Dilient's cloud computing and security expertise to propel your manufacturing operation to the next level.

If you are interested in integrating some of 3Diligent’s processes across your organization, our technical consulting supports companies interested in integrating 3Diligent software via API to improve the operations of large companies and enterprises.

For Business Owners

ProdEX delivers your company a flexible, scalable, and responsive supply chain

3Diligent ProdEX3Diligent’s procurement solution, ProdEX, is the ultimate tool for companies looking to rapidly develop next-generation products or rapidly fulfill existing production or legacy parts around the globe. Using 3Diligent’s global network of several hundred manufacturing facilities, several thousand machines, and a presence on six continents, you are assured the pricing and delivery you receive is top-notch and your customer support isn't brought into question by regional or local constraints.

Shopsight tightens your operations and allows you to optimally utilize capital assets

Shopsight was designed to take your manufacturing operations to the next level.  If you are interested in improving your quality and throughout, or you are simply interested in accessing ProdEX program opportunities, building your business around Shopsight may be the answer.