Talking Additive Manufacturing for Mass Production with

Talking Additive Manufacturing for Mass Production with

Last month’s RAPID + TCT 2017 Conference was an exciting event for 3Diligent as we got to speak with so many industry publications about what we’re doing here at 3Diligent and what trends we’re seeing in the industry.

I’m pleased to share that this week posted an interview with me entitled “VIDEO: Is Additive Manufacturing Evolving for Mass Production?” Here’s an excerpt of the post and a preview of what we discuss in the video interview:

Large production runs have long been the holy grail in the additive manufacturing industry, so how can we move this technology from prototyping and one-off applications into something capable of mass production? In the video above we speak with Cullen Hilkene, CEO of 3Diligent, about how this change is coming about.

You can see the entire video here or if you don’t have time for the video, the editor has posted excerpts summarizing our discussion below the video.

We’re excited to share with you and the media about what we’re doing at 3Diligent – stay tuned for more exciting news soon!

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