Become a Qualified

Fabrication Partner



Get more out of your assets by partnering up

3Diligent is perpetually in the process of qualifying and on-boarding talented fabricators to ensure we are providing the greatest possible value to our customers.  We are in search of expert craftsmen that deliver the highest quality products while seeking to get the most out of their capital assets.  If you are a talented provider of 3D Printing, Machining, Casting, or Injection Molding services, we encourage you to apply to join our fabrication network.  Please read on to learn more about how our system works and the benefits it provides our production partners.


Access New Business

3Diligent serves as a central marketing hub for rapid manufacturing services, allowing for more efficient customer engagement. Our reach also allows us to identify customer prospects across various industries – aerospace, automotive, life sciences, consumer and industrial products – wherever there is significant demand. In this way, we can be the ones focused on identifying great customer prospects while you can focus on manufacturing outstanding product.

Utilize Excess Capacity

3Diligent has deliberately structured its platform with recognition of the unique nature of on-demand digital manufacturing.  Submit bids with to-the-minute deadlines.  Benefit from the flexibility to pursue work more aggressively when you have idle or excess capacity.  Get more out of your assets before the next big thing comes along.

Gain Competitive Insight

3Diligent fabrication partners are provided insights regarding how they are pricing relative to the market, as well as aggregate trends from 3Diligent deal flow. Additionally, 3Diligent provides insights from our involvement in trade shows, the ASTM F42 Committee, America Makes, and the American Society of Additive Manufacturing.


The Project Life Cycle for Service Providers

Receive RFQ

A customer submits an RFQ.  3Diligent analyzes the project requirements against your capabilities and preferences.  If you are a great match for the request, you are notified of the project opportunity.

Refine Your Understanding

As needed, message with the 3Diligent team to refine your understanding of the project.

Submit a Bid

Offer a price and any conditions for completing the job. 

Order Acceptance

If your bid is accepted, 3Diligent handles all payment headaches and awards you the work.


Click to acknowledge receipt of the job and being preparations for production.


Advance status of the job to “In Production” and manufacture the RFQ according to the agreed upon terms.


Ship the part to meet the stated delivery deadline.  

Quality Assurance

Receive payment upon the customer's confirmation promised terms were delivered.

Is There a Cost?

3Diligent does not charge its vendors a membership fee to join – we simply ask vendors to cover the cost of fabricating a test part as a step in our supplier qualification process. 

Once you are onboarded, 3Diligent does not charge an ongoing membership fee either.  Instead, we retain a percentage of the total bid amount for awarded contracts.  This helps to cover the our costs for sales, marketing, engineering, and project management - expenses that you avoid when fulfilling 3Diligent work.  The share of the bid amount that you will retain is automatically calculated and displayed on screen whenever you are issuing a bid.


If you’re interested in becoming a 3Diligent Production Partner, submit a capabilities and preferences form.  If you have more questions you'd like to ask before applying, email us for more information or call (855) 302 -3339 x2. We look forward to speaking with you.