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Shopsight & ProdEX—digital manufacturing platforms— on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone



To empower cutting-edge manufacturing, you need a digital manufacturing platform.  That’s why 3Diligent invested in the Vulcury platform to power its vision for distributed digital manufacturing.  

Named for the Roman gods of manufacturing (Vulcan) and trade (Mercury), the Vulcury platform was architected by Karthik Rajamony, now 3Diligent’s VP of Software Development and Product.  Rajamony joined 3Diligent’s founding team after stints with Bank of America, Symantec, and Booking Holdings.  His wealth of experience building highly secure and globally scalable platforms provided the foundation for the Vulcury platform, and 3Diligent’s Shopsight, ProdEX, and 3Depot applications atop it. 

Built as a collection of microservices, the Vulcury platform provides flexibility and scalability for manufacturing operations.

Vulcury APIs address the challenges of digital manufacturing—from juggling suppliers to overseeing a shop’s operations or a global network of shops. Vulcury advances digital manufacturing to the next level by supporting integrations with various leading software platforms, including AutoDesk, Dassault Systèmes, and others.

Additionally, Vulcury is the digital manufacturing platform that supports day-to-day operations of ProdEX, Shopsight, and 3Depot, and also available through custom API integrations. As more digital manufacturing technologies come online, they will be stitched together through the power of Vulcury.



Any digital manufacturing platform starts with a warehouse of data. 3Diligent’s 3Depot application represents a public-facing manifestation of the Vulcury Material and Equipment database. 

Composed of nearly 1000 distinct branded manufacturing technologies, and nearly 1000 branded material options, 3Depot delivers a seamless interface for researching potential Industry 4.0 solutions.  

This ever-growing list is powered by inputs from material manufacturers and technology OEMs.  The 3Depot search tool enables engineers and scientists to identify solutions that can drive product development forward.





3Diligent 3Depot Digital Manufacturing Platform
ProdEX Connect Digital Manufacturing Platform



For engineers and buyers, 3Diligent’s ProdEX service makes purchasing custom parts a seamless and secure experience that lives up to Industry 4.0’s billing. This is due not only to the incredible breadth of options provided through ProdEX, but also the various options ProdEX offers its users that enable them to meet the demanding requirements of their project. 

No digital manufacturing platform offering is useful without a dynamic network of suppliers to support the needs of its customersso the ProdEX vendor network contains hundreds of manufacturers around the world, spanning six continents.  

This manufacturer network includes thousands of machines and is growing daily. With this tremendous breadth of manufacturing partners comes an extensive collection of manufacturing options. Included among these are 3D printing, casting, injection molding, finishing, and CNC machining services, including cutting, forming, and punching. Customers can couple equipment processes with hundreds of material options, including plastics, resins, metals, and ceramicsmore than 500 branded materials!

How Does the ProdEX Digital Manufacturing Platform Work? 

With an offering this expansive, identifying the right solutions might be a challenge, but this is where ProdEX stands superiors to the competition. Using a secure portal (https://myprodex.3diligent.com)ProdEX customers submit an RFQ one of three ways, depending on the nature of their project: ProdEX Auto, ProdEX Connect, and ProdEX PMeach tailored to different project needs. 



To deliver an excellent custom manufactured product, a shop must be capable of exceptional preparation and processes. 3Diligent Shopsight ensures repeatable, quality parts, and reduced scrap rates through 3Diligent’s proprietary cloud-based solution. Shopsight provides machine shops, job shops, and service bureaus a suite of features critical to delivering outstanding products at competitive prices. With elements specifically targeting estimating, order management, task lists, routing, tracing, analytics, and more, Shopsight ensures manufacturing excellence.

How Does the Shopsight Digital Manufacturing Platform Work?

3Diligent Shopsight targets the modern, digital machine shop. Available as tiered subscription packages for addressing a shop’s specific pre-production, production, or combined requirements, the service is available as Shopsight Free, Shopsight Basic, Shopsight Estimator, Shopsight Operator, Shopsight E & O, and Shopsight Connect plans.tr

3Diligent Shopsight computer screen

“With Shopsight Connect, we know both the clients and vendors have been diligently vetted by the 3Diligent team. This takes any trepidation out of the design and manufacturing process, and allows us to get to work right away.”
Benjamin Heard, Project Lead,
STS-Technical Design