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What is Vulcury?

Vulcury is a cutting edge software platform built to help companies address the challenges of Industry 4.0 manufacturing.  

Using Vulcury, functions such as research, procurement, fulfillment, and shop management are all streamlined and synthesized.  Gain the power of your supplier network - and critical insights from your data - by utilizing Vulcury software modules.  Built as a collection of microservices, the Vulcury platform provides flexibility and scalability for manufacturing operations.  Vulcury APIs address the challenges of digital manufacturing—from juggling suppliers to overseeing a shop’s operations or a global network of shops. Vulcury is powered by proprietary software and powerful integrations with other digital manufacturing market leaders such as AutoDesk, Dassault Systèmes, and others.


Vulcury is the software platform upon which 3Diligent has built its operations. Vulcury supports day-to-day operations of ProdEX, Shopsight, and 3Depot.  With Vulcury APIs, you can deploy similar tools within your organization. And as more digital manufacturing technologies come online, they are integrated into the Vulcury platform. 

Vulcury serves as a platform for manufacturing and commerce. Thus, it is fitting its name comes from the Roman gods of manufacturing (Vulcan) and trade (Mercury). The Vulcury platform is built for scalability and security.  Our technology leader built Vulcury based on experiences developing secure, scalable paltforms at Bank of America, Symantec, and Booking Holdings. 

Choose the Module That's Right for You

The Vulcury platform is built in a modular way, so it can be customized to meet the needs of your company.  Need a solution for your mountains of data? Vulcury's Research Database API offers you the same strength, flexibility, and user friendliness as our very own 3Depot. Get the power and convenience of ProdEX with the Vulcury Procurement Module, custom tailored to help your engineers and buyers seamlessly and securely purchase parts. Revolutionize your shop floor with a custom API based on our Shopsight software, allowing the Vulcury Shop Management Module to ensure manufacturing excellence in your operations.


Procurement, Shop Management, Database Search Tools and MORE!

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Who Uses Vulcury?

Are you a business owner? Product Designer? Buyer? 3Diligent's Vulcury has custom software packages designed to help you accelerate your business.


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Vulcury APIs for Contract Manufacturers

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