How Vulcury Works

Custom Software Installations for Manufacturers 

Integrate our software with yours, with support from our Additive Consulting tech team

Vulcury gives the opportunities of Industry 4.0 to power your business operations.

Vulcury is a software platform, built as a collection of microservices connected by API calls.  In brief, that makes it highly adaptable your existing infrastructure and the unique needs of your company's operations.

3Diligent built the Vulcury platform to support its own services for small and medium manufacturers.  See how the Vulcury platform works by utilizing 3Diligent's ProdEX procurement service, Shopsight shop management software, or the 3Depot research portal.  Use these applications to power your organization or inquire about a custom instance of Vulcury software to incorporate the software directly into your own business software.

Identify the Modules You Need

Begin Customizing Your Vulcury Installation

Vulcury is an adaptable program that can be customized to meet the needs of your company.  

Identify the modules that will best benefit your organization.

Review the Vulcury Modules

Work with the Additive Consulting Team to Firm Up Your Selections

Installing the right software to power your organization is a consultative endeavor.  You'll want to talk to someone to make sure you address the challenges your organization faces as best as possible.  That's where connecting with Additive Consulting's technical team is a critical part of the puzzle.

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Install the Software As Appropriate for Your Organization

Vulcury tools can be integrated in a variety of contexts.  

At the most basic level, you can install basic functionality - such as an instant quoting portal - that embeds into your marketing website.

More robust installations provide manufacturers a comprehensive control tower from which to manage inbound and outbound procurement requests, fulfillment, shop floor management, research tools, and more.  

Installations can be completed on 3Diligent's Vulcury servers or installed on independent servers.

Regardless of the path you choose, you will be supported every step of the way by 3Diligent's Additive Consulting tech team.

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