APIs for procurement, shop management, and database search tools 

Vulcury Modules

The Vulcury platform is built as a collection of microservices that can be combined to suit the needs of your organization.  The below modules can be mixed and matched to address your organization's specific challenges: whether it be research, procurement, supply chain management, or floor operations. 

Vulcury Research Database

Any Industry 4.0 Platform starts with a warehouse of data. Vulcury's research API allows you to create a powerful research tool to analyze data using the power of the cloud. 

For an example of the research database in action, look no further than 3Diligent’s 3Depot application. 

Composed of nearly 1000 distinct branded manufacturing technologies, and nearly 1000 branded material options, 3Depot delivers a seamless interface for researching potential Industry 4.0 solutions.

This ever-growing list is powered by inputs from material manufacturers and technology OEMs. The 3Depot search tool enables engineers and scientists to identify solutions that can drive product development forward.

Vulcury Procurement Module

Procuring parts fast, affordably, and to spec is a challenge of every manufacturer with a supply chain.  The Vulcury procurement module was built with this in mind.  

The procurement module can be deployed in multiple ways.  Use Vulcury procurement APIs to standardize RFQs and issue them seamlessly to manufacturers in your supply chain.  

The procurement API can also be used to integrate a standardized RFQ flow on your own website, for use by internal or external users.

The procurement API tool has been built with integrated analysis tools to extract critical metadata from parts.  In addition, 3D rendering of parts within the procurement tool allows for real time analysis.  The procurement API was built with the whole of digital manufacturing in mind, so whether you procure or offer 3D Printing, Machining, Casting, Molding, Sheet Metal, or any number of other manufacturing offerings, the tool is built to meet your needs. 

An example of the procurement tool "in the wild" is 3Diligent's ProdEX application.  ProdEX demonstrates how the procurement API can handle thousands of RFQs, materials, technologies, and manufacturing specs in a seamless and scalable way.

Vulcury Shop Management Module

To deliver an excellent custom manufactured product, a shop must be capable of exceptional preparation and processes. 3Diligent Shopsight ensures repeatable, quality parts, and reduced scrap rates through 3Diligent’s proprietary cloud-based solution. Shopsight provides machine shops, job shops, and service bureaus a suite of features critical to delivering outstanding products at competitive prices. With elements specifically targeting estimating, order management, task lists, routing, tracing, analytics, and more, Shopsight ensures manufacturing excellence.

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