Why Vulcury

A scalable, secure platform purpose-built for Industry 4.0

Why Vulcury? Because it works

Vulcury was designed to support 3Dililgent's global procurement and supply chain. Now let it support yours.

3Diligent launched in 2014 with an eye to connecting digital manufacturing demand with digital manufacturing suppliers around the planet, especially 3D Printing. 

Over the years, a few things changed. First, 3Diligent decided to offer a lot more than just 3D Printing, extending into any machine that was powered by a CAD file.  Second, 3Diligent realized that its existing software platform wouldn't be able to address the growing needs of the market.  Quite simply, there needed to be a platform that could service the entire ecosystem - not just a sliver of it.  That's how Vulcury came into existence.

Vulcury carries forward the same principles that have supported 3Diligent to this day.  A commitment to quality and service first, while providing excellent value for our subscribers.


Examples of 3D printed objects


Quality when it comes to a manufacturing software platform means a couple things.  The first is the quality of the code itself. Second is the attention it pays to the nuances of manufacturing, to ensure the parts you procure and manufacture meet the quality specs you require.  Vulcury delivers for both.



Vulcury and our team deliver the service and support you need and expect when investing in a software platform.  Frankly, we strive to exceed your expectations, by being extremely responsive to feature requests. Vulcury is a living platform, and our customer feedback is valued highly.   



We recognize that different manufacturers have different needs.  That's why we offer Vulcury in a modular, customizable way.  Manufacturers seeking basic solutions (like integrating an auto-quoter on their site) or comprehensive ones (like managing research, procurement, fulfillment, and shop management) are supported.