Why You’ll Never 3D Print Everything at Home,  and That’s OK

3D Printing is an amazing technology, but recent technology advances won't result in everyone having a 3D Printing based "Star Trek replicator" in their home.

NoPrintingatHomeThis whitepaper cuts through all of the headlines and excitement in the industry to lay out the four reasons that 3D Printing won't be a primarily home-based technology any time soon. And why that's OK, because the technology is thriving in enough other areas. Some of the key points made in this whitepaper include:

  • It’s a myth that we’ll eventually print everything at home
  • The weak points in a layered part is the first barrier to 3D Printing production parts
  • Material science says you’re going to need to stockpile loads of raw material at home – who’s in?
  • There are process considerations that make home production unrealistic
  • Cost is coming down, but its still expensive